This Sport is Just As Dangerous As the Rest

I know that my friends either grew up with car racing on their television when they were younger or not. There is no in between, people either like car racing or they do not. Most of my friends did not like it and did not understand why my dad would record every race that came on. I told them that was something that he really enjoyed and I also did not understand it at all. My dad also liked Formula One racing in addition to the stock cars. I wanted to know why people were so against car racing but I guess they would all say that it is just a bunch of cars going around in a circle and that is it. They do not understand the endurance that these people have to keep on racing at such fast speeds. It can be physically and mentally tiring and it could also be very enticing, getting the blood flowing and the addiction hits the drivers once their adrenaline is pumping for those few hours at such a fast and steady rate. What a rush!

People say that you have to experience things for yourself sometimes to understand the sentiment of others. I have to say that I absolutely agree with this statement because I have personally experienced this before. I really did not like the car racing when I was growing up. My dad always tried to get me to go with him to watch races but I did not want anything to do with it. There are a lot of people that will always have something to say about what you do or what you like to do. I do not think that people should pay attention to that because it is not fair to judge people based on what they like.