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Benefits of origami.

Origami is the art of paper folding artistically into designs. The art is applied in several disciplines like in education, psychology and creativity.The art is more than just the simple craft idea. The skills have many benefits and useful in many ways. The art could be applied to bother the children and the older people in general.

for example origami is capable of influencing through very many different ways. The art bios used by the clients who are made to become active consumers other than the active consumers in the current technology. There is a lot of creativity and which is instilled in the brain of the individuals who see involving themselves in the origami making.

Origami helps the individuals with poor confidence. This is in the establishment and creation of many arts and designs.When the mind is separated from the outside world thoughts, whereby the hands are involved in the development of various designs which are created from the mind.

The origami are used in making the environment clean. Instead of making the environment and the surrounding dirty, origami ensures that the papers are removed from the environment. Take the case whereby the surrounding is mismanaged and much dirt is deposited to the surrounding. The origami design can be used as a strategy to secure and safeguard the environment from dirt.

The origami style of making the flowers can be applied in the joint learning whereby the students and the learners are requested to make the flowers. If the students in a class ae asked to make a certain design they are likely to take part in the making of the design a group. The origami designs can be applied by the learners who can relate the structures to mathematical aspects.There are fundamental algebraic rules which could be learnt by the students who create and design specific special designs.

It is crucial in the growth of the cognitive part. They use the hands in the specific sequence producing a visible results which shows creativity . As a plans to learn and add on the cognitive development, the making of the origami flowers could be used by the customers and the clients. The children study the usefulness of patience and through the origami which further explains the exploration of the material issues.

It assists in the social relationships formation, establishment of a feeling of wellbeing, team building exercise and I the establishment of eye contact. Further, the art is applied in learning on how to pass information without the use of language.

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