Benefits of Tongkat Ali for Both Men and Women

Perhaps best known for increasing testosterone, Tongkat Ali root extract boosts sex drive in men, as well as women, and improves sexual function. Doctors appear excited about this herb’s ability to do more for the overall enhancement of the body.

Benefits for Men

Also known as the herbal Viagra, it enhances the male’s sexual appetite and performance because of the increase in testosterone levels. Sperm levels also increase which promotes male fertility naturally. A boost in sperm production is an added benefit for men dealing with fertility issues. A study conducted on rats suggest improved results in as little as ten days.

Weight Loss

This miracle herb is also said to help with weight loss and muscle gain. There aren’t any reported side effects of using the root to assist with weight loss. Results fare better with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Bone Health

A dip in testosterone can also cause bones to become brittle and weak over time. Increased testosterone also promotes stronger bones. Experts recommend adding calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium to also help with osteoporosis.

How to Consume it?

Available in both root form and pill form, it is wise to start with a lower dose. The standard daily dosage is 1200 mg-2400 mg. After regular use of five to eight weeks, experts recommend taking a break. The taste is bitter, so some people either take it in supplement form or use the powder form in a cup of coffee.

Benefits for Women

An additional benefit of taking this herb for women is that it reduces cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Women have also reported a reduction in mood swings and an increase in mental clarity.

With hormonal imbalances in check women also state they feel less fatigued and receive an increase in energy. Sexual desire and function also increase. However, some women report that they become more sexually sensitive to touch.

As with any supplement please follow manufacturer’s recommendations. Never exceed the dosage on the label. Start low and work the dosage up gradually. For best results take breaks from the herb after two months.