Feeling Confused About Whether It’s Time for Some Major Life Changes

Some men and women often feel a bit of a nagging feeling that their lives just aren’t going in the right direction. Perhaps a career is unfulfilling or a romantic relationship is not as loving as it originally was. It can be helpful to spend some time discovering why things don’t seem to be satisfactory even though, on the surface, the waters are smooth. Reading a blog post listing 5 signs you need a big life change can provide insight.

While everyone this person knows is saying there’s nothing to be concerned about, the individual knows better. The job pays well and seems to fit with the goals he or she once had, but it’s become boring and there seems to be little chance for advancement. What about the relationship? They seem to be staying together because the idea of breaking up and starting over is scary. They’re getting to be a certain age, after all, and neither really wants to put off marriage and family for several more years.

What are some signs that a big life change is advisable in these circumstances?

A Lack of Happiness

One important sign is a lack of happiness. This isn’t to be confused with depression, which can be a mental health problem. A lack of happiness might instead be discontentment and a continuous wish for things to change. The person fantasizes often about quitting the job, even without another one to take its place. The idea of ending the relationship feels right, and the person can imagine starting to date again, looking for a more compatible partner.

Hitting the Bottle

Heading for a bottle of alcohol every evening is another sign that life changes are needed. Drinking due to stress, disappointment, anxiety or a sense of hopelessness will not solve these problems. In fact, the habit can easily create a worse situation for the person’s health and effectiveness at work.

Experiencing Jealousy

Regularly experiencing jealous feelings is another sign that adjusting one’s lifestyle would be beneficial. If the person has ongoing jealousy about others with happier relationships or more fulfilling jobs, it’s probably time to take some bold steps forward.