3 Tips to Pack a Travel Bag

Traveling is a fun but costly experience. One way to trim expenses is only to pack what you need, so you aren’t paying extra baggage fees at the airport. Efficiently packing a suitcase or bag can be easy to do with these tips.

Take Only What You Need

Unless you are going to a third world country where there aren’t easily accessible stores, you should take only the items that you need in small quantities. Figure out how many days you will be gone and pack half as many clothes as days. If you are going to be gone for a week, then packing three or four shirts, two or three pairs of pants, skirts or shorts, along with a similar number of socks and undergarments. Many hotels have laundry service and laundromats are often available as well.

Buy Multifunctional Items

Take items that may have dual functions. For instance, some clothing can be worn for daytime or evening wear by swapping out a few accessories. The more items you have that can do double duty, the better. If you have to take a coat with you for rain or cold weather, you can probably leave the travel pillow at home. Socks can be used to protect electronics and separate jewelry. Hair ties can be used to secure large items while also being handy for pulling hair back. Your galveston to houston shuttle will be much more comfortable with fewer bags to carry.

Use All Available Space

Small travel bags can still hold many items if you pack your clothing correctly. Some people like to use the folding method, while others roll their clothes around larger items like shoes. Be sure to put small items in your shoes to efficiently use that space. To prevent yourself from having to unpack your carefully organized bag, keep toiletries in an easily accessible spot.

Traveling for work or vacation doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow a few simple rules for packing.